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Moving Beyond Compromise

Moving Beyond Compromise

Moving Beyond Compromise is a great business book about leading organizations on a higher level. I recommend checking out the first chapter for free and picking up the book if you like what you read.

Moving Beyond Compromise


Child Guru

Child Guru Tutoring Services

Child Guru was started by Barb Rohrer. After being a teacher for many years, Barb has chosen to continue to mentor elementary students in Mathmatics. If you have a child close to Castle Rock Colorado, you should check her out!

Child Guru Tutoring


The Blossoming Spirit

Massage by Chloe | The Blossoming Spirit

The Blossoming Spirit was started by Chloe in early 2016. She has several packages for massage therapy sessions, helping people de-stress and heal through massage therapy in the Northern Virginia area.

Massage by Chloe | The Blossoming Spirit


Skywoods Canoe Company

Skywoods canoe

Skywoods Canoe Company restores antique canoes and makes new ones. They have many beautiful models for sale and are definitely worth checking out.

Skywoods Canoe Company


U Design It


UDesign It! is a custom umbrella company started by Liz who is an awesome Animator in Denver Colorado. She saw a unique opportunity to help kids design their own umbrellas with whatever they wanted on them, empowering their imaginations and creativity.

U Design It!


Aurora Colorado Baha'i Community

aurora bahai

The Aurora Colorado Baha'i Community asked for a church website. Helping them get set up was a real treat as all the community members assisting on the project were very kind and helpful.

Skywoods Canoe Company


One Step Cleaning.net

one step

One Step Cleaning was started by two women who had a dream. They decided that making your home, cars, and just about any thing else spot-free shouldn't have to be so hard! Their NoStreaks™ cloths sold like hot cakes!

One Step Cleaning has gone out of business


Cavalier Courier

cavalier courier

Cavalier Courier is dedicated to making sure that your pet makes it to the show. Lynda is very passionate about helping your pet travel in style. She has been involved in dog shows for years and has seen a need for good pet transportation so your dog doesn't have to have a scary ride all alone in a crate under a plane.

Cavalier Courier's website


Clear Choice Technologies.com

clear cti

Clear Choice Technologies is a telecommunications company based in the greater Washington DC metro area. They are dedicated to providing the most advanced, Telecom solutions at competitive prices, resulting in total customer satisfaction. They promote and support a culture that attracts and retains creative, knowledgeable, and energetic employees who are driven to "make Communications happen".

Clear Choice Technologies' Website


City Square Cafe.com

city square cafe

City Square Cafe is a restaurant in Old Town Manassas, Virginia. The Barolini's bought the location 15 years ago and have been making world-class international foods ever since. With the ways of the world changing and the rise of social media, they relized it was time to jump into the 21st century. Their new website is quick to draw attention to their wonderful variety of activities and culiary delights. With a website that's perfectly geared for the new millenium, their prospects look bright and their business is starting to see an upswing again.

City Square Cafe has been sold and is now a different restaurant.


Area Construction LLC.com

area construction

Area Construction is a local, plumbing and remodeling company. They are dedicated to their customer's happiness and with their dedication to always making sure that their work is done right the first time. Dean, the company owner, knew his business was ready to reach the next level. Once his new website was ready, he jumped into search advertising and has seen a large jump in calls. His website now gives his customers a central place to find out more information about his services and the variety of ways his company is ready to make their lives even better.

Area Construction's Website


Palladium Books.com

palladium books

Palladium Books is one of the best, most imaginitive role playing game companies in the market. Their innovations in their field have attracted many players around the world to expand their imaginations and become more than what their day to day lives dictate they should be. Their old website had been created in the 90's, and while quite functional, was starting to feel dated and behind the times. Their new website is attractive and visual. It offers more interactivity and a variety of options to both the company and its audience. Palladium has a number of exciting plans in the near future, such as online comics and a vlog series. They helped me learn about valuable insights into creating modern websites that work in a bandwidth-limited world.

Palladium Books' Website


National Disability Rights Network (NDRN.org) - Through BizHelper.com


The National Disability Rights Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advocating disability rights in Washington DC. They needed a solution that would not only bring their website into the 21st century, using a modern Content Management System. They not only needed to transition over 1000 hand-coded HMTL web pages, but also needed to organize and update their library of 5,000+ PDFs. I led a team of 5 semi-web savvy coworkers in a massive project, transitioning, OCRing, and renaming documents to include keywords to be SEO ready.

National Disability Rights Network's Website


Shanendoah Baha'i Summer School (Concept Project)


The Shenandoah Baha'i Summer School couldn't be found on Google. Their website was accessed by following a series of links through other websites to get to the school's website. Once users found the website, they had to put up with confusing highlighting, inconsistent formatting, and an unattractive interface to register. Today, the website is beautiful, users can find all the information they want in an easy to use, attractive interface, and the website is ready to be found with search engines.


Self Storage of Shepherdstown.com

self storage

Self Storage of Shepherdstown is a small, family-owned storage facility on the outskirts of Shepherdstown WV. It offers great prices and a safe location to store all your precious memories. Naomi and Larry realized it was time to grow the business in the online market and thus have set up a website to help people understand and find their business a little better.

Self Storage of Shepherdstown's Website