Rex Barkdoll's Resume

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I take pride in being able to foster a dedicated and supportive atmosphere in my places of work. In my professional career I have led teams of up to 5 people in a variety of projects including website migrations of over 10,000 pages of content and the same amount of supporting documents and imagery. I have worked closely with customers in one-on-one and team oriented tutorials, briefings, and strategy sessions. I have also created repeatable project plans for SEO, Social Media, Website accessibility, and end-to-end website development after studying each topic thoroughly.


Work Experience

October 2012 - Current

Senior Implementor | P.R. Newswire
a UBM plc Company
1800 Platte St. Denver, CO 80202

PR Newswire has given me the opportunity to expand my teamwork and coding skills. I regularly work with my team members and the Client Services department to design-match client websites on our platform. I regularly code in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP to mitigate problems and create working websites.
  • Daily focus on inter-team communication and task accomplishment
  • Regular improvement in understanding of coding concepts and languages
  • Created new-employee welcome packet about office, team members, and local area.

June 2012 - Current

Lead Web Developer, CEO | Seeding Serenity Design LLC
Aurora CO 80218
I started Seeding Serenity Design to meet the needs of those around me. So far we have helped six clients launch their website and social marketing campaigns increasing their revenues from 50% to 75% over the course of a year. Each one also has the training to manage and maintain their own website thanks to our one on one training programs.
  • Created 5 Repeatable Processes for end-to-end website development
  • Invested in Customer Relationship Management by giving one on one support to clients
  • Invested in the Joomla CMS because of its power & ease of use
  • Invested in Project Management Software to improve quality
  • Reworked Content to helped each customer improve ROI

April 2012 - October 2012 (Contract length)

Web Content Developer | Pearson Publishing - eCollege
Through Insight Global Inc.
1720 S. Bellaire St. Suite 700 Denver, CO 80222

At eCollege I dedicated my time to Quality Assuring over 3,000 courses for consistency and code bugs. I worked with constantly changing teams of 1 to 5 other contractors as both a team member and as a lead for the course or project of the day.
  • Dedication to Software Quality Assurance through reviewing over 3,000 courses
  • Laser focus in resolving over 1,200 Bug tracking and detection issues
  • Led and teamed up with 1-20 other contractors in varying team sizes

January 2010 - April 2012

Web Developer | Bizhelper
1039 Sterling Rd. Herndon VA 20170
At BizHelper I was put in charge of developing websites and marketing solutions for both our company and its clients. I managed whole websites and saw them through from the initial client meeting to the website hand-off at the completion of the project. I also excelled in helping out around the office and supporting team members who were working on other projects by providing different approaches to the problems they were facing.
  • Led a team of 5 people in moving a 5,000+ page website into a modern CMS
  • Made regular template and feature changes to meet customer needs
  • Improved over 200 AAA/WCAG 2.0/Section 508 accessibility flaws in Joomla CMS
  • Revised & Enriched content to better suit SEO standards
  • Created 5 educational graphic comics
  • Redesigned powerpoint presentations to enrich understanding and flow
  • Created a Social Media Best practices guidance document and project plan

January 2011 - Current

Volunteer Web Developer | Palladium Books
39074 Webb Court Westland, MI 48185
Working with the people at Palladium Books has been a dream. Kevin and his whole staff are wonderful people. Palladium's website was still a dinosaur from the 1990's. I created a demo site, presented it to them as an option for an upgrade, and they accepted.

  • Throughout the revision I worked closely with their staff.
  • I spent over 40 hours tweaking the templates for the website, forums, and their store to get the look and feel just right.
  • I also made 15 code changes to an extension on an MVC framework through the MIVA online store.
I continue to volunteer my time with them, improving the new website as needed.


Webmaster for Student Affairs | Shepherd University
123 North King Street, Shepherdstown WV 25443
I managed and updated Shepherd University's website for the six divisions that fell under the Student Affairs umbrella. This required regular meetings with administrators and team members to update each section's content and appearance.
  • I gathered pertinent information from division leads to create content
  • generated over 250 pages of student-focused content based on division lead's feedback
  • established weekly meetings with my boss to ensure quality and correctness


Consultant | Asbury United Methodist Church
4257 Kearneysville Pike Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Asbury United Methodist Church needed a new website and was getting ready to expand the services they could offer their members. After having studied website and video production at Shepherd University, I worked closely with Asbury staff to create a more modern design that accommodated their needs.
  • Revised their website using DHTML methods
  • Trained staff to comprehend DHTML and CSS
  • Trained staff to create video copies of sermons and church activities


Residential Assistant | Shepherd University
123 North King Street, Shepherdstown WV 25443
I was excited to pursue this Residential Assistant (RA) position because RA's are looked up to and respected as leaders and caretakers on campus. I wanted to gain additional leadership and program (activities for students) experience to increase my range of skills while also learning about what motivates others. Some programs succeeded and others failed, but from each experience I learned how to make my programs more attractive and beneficial to students.
  • Provided support, resources, advice for 23 residents directly
  • Regularly held and led leadership and educational programs for 300 students.
  • Trained in conflict resolution and mediation methods
  • Received diversity training and later taught the same information to students


A-Team Peer Leadership Program | Shepherd University
123 North King Street, Shepherdstown WV 25443
The A-TEAM leadership program at Shepherd University is an opportunity for upper class-men to educate new students on how life at Shepherd works. Topics ranged from how to contact the campus police to how to use campus services, and even how to create a schedule that conforms to each individual student's interests and passions. These topics are all communicated in a variety of ways; skits, games, examples of campus activities, and one-on-one teaching are all used throughout the two day intensive sessions students participate in before the semester starts. Before the students arrive, all A-TEAM members undergo an intensive training program which focuses on diversity and leadership skills.
  • Acted as role model and peer leader for over 1,500 First Year Students coming to Shepherd University
  • Provided each student with education in Diversity, Sexual Assault Awareness, and day-to-day factors of life at university.
  • Assisted over 500 students in understanding course programs and requirements
  • Gave guidance to over 500 students on how to structure their first year of university based on experience
  • Performed skits and comedy acts to communicate critical information to students


Shepherd University 

Bachelor of Science: Mass Communications 
May 2010
I chose to pursue a Mass Communications degree because of the challenge it presented in mastering Video, Audio, Journalism, and Web Design. The program also focused on how society has been impacted by each of these disciplines. I also chose the program because its professors had the highest standards of quality and encouraging leadership out of the other degree programs I was interested in pursuing.

Berkeley Springs High School 

High School Diploma
May 2005
Berkeley Springs High School gave me the opportunity to greatly improve my theatrical, artistic, and computer skills. Aside from earning my High School Diploma, I also earned four A+ certificates (Hardware, Operating Systems, Servers, Networking), participated in multiple theatre productions, and was active in Student Government.